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Beard Transplant

Sakal Ekimi

Beard is both an image accessory and an important symbol for  countries, beliefs, lives and social status.

Most men have grown their beard during certain periods of their lives. Especially after the emergence of various beard shapes in recent years and men expressing themselves with these choices, the importance of beard in men’s life has increased.

  • Burn scars
  • Wound scars
  • Surgery scars
  • Sparseness

The only solution to eliminate such problems is beard transplant. In such beard loss cases and scarred areas; follicles from the dense areas are transplanted to the non-bearded area, the scars are completely covered. After the transplantation, the scars are completely invisible.

The beard transplant is done with the hair follicles harvested from the nape area, which genetically holds strong follicles and the patient will have natural look and permanent beard after the operation.

The operation is performed with the same technique as in FUE hair transplant. The strong hair follicles from the nape area are transplanted in the opened channels on the transplant area.