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Breast Lifting


Breast Lifting is an operation to aesthetically treat saggy breast (ptosis) to be more lifted and plump. The ideal breast shape is accepted as that the nipple is on top of the breast mass (top of pyramid) and above the bottom curve of the breast. So this point is taken basis when determining the ptosis degree.

Maximum case of ptosis is when the nipple has gone down until the bottom curve of the breast and looking down. Sometimes, there are cases we call “pseudoptosis”in which the nipple is above the bottom curve but the breast tissue has seemingly sagged under the bottom curve.

In general, breast lifting is similar to breast reduction. The operation lasts around 3 hours and is done under general anesthesia. The degree of ptosis and expectations of the patient mainly determine the surgical process. As the excess skin is removed, there will be a certain reduction of breast during this operation even though the breast tissue remain the same.

If the patient wants to have the same size or bigger breasts, there maybe need for prosthesis. In difference to breast augmentation operations, there is a scarring left similar to those in breast reduction operations and breasts take shape in 2-6 months of time.

Surgery Procedure

We discuss the operation in detail and talk about your expectations and worries before the surgery. Like every other surgery done under general anesthesia, you are required to avoid foods and drinks for at least 6 hours. The operation is done after routine blood tests, anesthesia examination.

The drawings are done in the morning of your surgery. The operation takes around 3 hours and you will have two drains and bandages post operation. You are required to spend 1 or 2 nights at the hospital following your operation.

You are expected to wear a special bra for 3 weeks and avoid physical affection during this time.

What you need to know

Smokers carry more risks in terms of both general anesthesia and surgical complications. Thus, it’s important to lay off smoking for 3 weeks both pre and post operation.

As in every surgical operation, there are some risks including hematoma, wound infection or stitches opening which can be treated with medical dressing.