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Rhinoplasty Turkey


Rhinoplasty Turkey

Rhinoplasty Turkey, is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations today. Nose remodeling, which is performed to reshape the nose and harmonize it with the facial features, facilitates healthy breathing. People who have respiratory problems due to the shape of their noses begin to breathe more easily after the procedure.

The first area that draws attention on the face is the nose, and therefore the shape of the nose is important for the facial features. Therefore, improvements made in the shape of the nose psychologically relax the person. After a successful nose remodeling, the nose, which has been adapted to the face, is also appreciated by the people around.

Rhinoplasty Turkey

What is Nose Remodeling (Rhinoplasty)?

Surgical procedures to reshape the nasal bone and cartilage structure are called rhinoplasty Turkey. This application, known as rhinoplasty Turkey in the medical literature, is applied to the person with different methods. Breathing is easier as the nose is reshaped.

How Is Nose Remodeling – Rhinoplasty Performed?

Rhinoplasty Turkey operations are performed by specialist surgeons in sterile clinics. During the operation, the patient is given general anesthesia. The nose is reshaped in line with the patient’s needs and expectations. With rhinoplasty Turkey, deformations and bad images in the nose are eliminated.

Who Can Undergo The Nose Remodeling Operation?

People who are not satisfied with the shape and appearance of their nose feel better by having rhinoplasty Turkey surgery. Nose shaping operation is also applied to people who have respiratory problems due to the nose structure. For rhinoplasty Turkey operation, patients should have completed their developmental period and should not have had any health problems that could cause problems during the operation. Therefore, before the operation, the factors that will prevent the operation are determined and appropriate planning is made.

For the nose shaping operation, the patients should have completed their developmental period and should not have had any health problems that could cause problems during the operation. Therefore, before the operation, the factors that will prevent the operation are determined and appropriate planning is made.

What is Nose Structure?

The nose, located in the very center of the face, consists of bone and cartilage. The upper parts are bone, while the lower parts are covered with cartilage and skin. The nose, which has a great function in breathing and smelling, can be reshaped with rhinoplasty Turkey operations.

What is the Cost of Nose Remodeling?

Today, the nose remodeling operations are performed in different ways. That’s why, it is not possible to say a fixed price for nose remodeling. The method applied, the experience of the doctor, the deformities in the nose and the hospitalization process of the patient are taken into consideration. For this reason, nose remodeling costs are planned more specifically for the individual.

How is Nose Remodeling Performed?

During the nose remodeling operation, which is a surgical procedure, the patient is put to sleep with general anesthesia. While the nasal bone is corrected, the cartilage structure is also reshaped. Closed rhinoplasty Turkey is mostly preferred for nose remodeling. The main reason for this is the absence of an incision scar.

In Which Situations Should Nose Remodeling Be Performed?

The expectation and needs of each patient who wants to undergo the nose remodeling operation differ. The main purpose of the nose remodeling operation is to obtain a beautiful appearance and to breathe healthy. For these reasons, the arched structure of the nose, the low nasal tip, the width of the nose and the defects in the nose are corrected.

Who Can Undergo the Nose Remodeling Operation?

Every patient whose general health condition is suitable for nose remodeling can undergo the operation. For this reason, the expectation and needs of the patient are taken into consideration before the operation. Disease history and general health status are determined as a result of the scans conducted. In line with the data obtained, the nose remodeling operation is performed if the patient’s health status is suitable for the operation. It is important that the patient has completed the developmental period for the operation.

Is There an Age Limit for Nose Remodeling?

There is an age limit for the nose remodeling operation. Therefore, the patient’s developmental speed is taken into account for the operation. Men and women can undergo the nose remodeling operation starting from the age of 17-18.

What are the Types of the Nose Remodeling Operation?

With the development of technology, nose remodeling operations vary today. For this reason, surgical methods that provide a high level of patient comfort and have a short recovery period are preferred. Nose remodeling is performed in the form of open and closed rhinoplasty Turkey, endoscopic nose operation, dynamic nose operation and three-dimensional nose operations. The method to be applied is decided by considering the patient’s expectation, the doctor’s recommendation and the deformations in the nose. Today, the most preferred type of nose operation is closed rhinoplasty Turkey. In closed rhinoplasty Turkey performed by experienced surgeons, there are no incisions and stitches.

Uygulanacak yönteme hastanın beklentisi, doktor tavsiyesi ve burundaki deformasyonlar göz önünde bulundurularak karar verilir. Günümüzde en çok tercih edilen burun ameliyatı türü kapalı rinoplastidir. Deneyimli cerrahlar tarafından yapılan kapalı rinoplastide kesi ve dikiş yoktur.

What Should Be Considered After Nose Remodeling?

In order to accelerate the healing process after nose remodeling, it is necessary to rest, eat healthy and not smoke. Since the nose will be sensitive after the operation, it is necessary to protect the nose against impacts.

What is the Recovery Process after Nose Operation?

Surgical interventions to be performed in nose remodeling operations may differ according to the needs of the patient. Therefore, the recovery process is completely dependent on the operation. The technique to be applied and the structure of the nose directly affect the healing process. As the deformation and defects in the nose increase, the operations to be performed increase. Therefore, it may take up to 2 months for patients who have undergone nose operation to fully recover. Additionally, it takes about 1 year for the nose to take the desired full shape.

How Long Is Nose Remodeling Recovery Time?

In today’s nose remodeling operations, patients are discharged on the same day. The effect of the technology and method used in this is great. The recovery process depends on the patient’s rest. In order to recover quickly, it is necessary to avoid heavy work and exercises. In addition to this, it is necessary to stay away from movements such as blowing the nose that will injure the nose. It takes 2 months for the patient to fully recover.

Rhinoplasty Turkey Prices 2022

The prices of nose remodeling operations performed in private clinics are determined according to the experience of the surgeon and the services offered by the clinic. Moreover, since the prices are planned individually, it is necessary to get detailed information about this subject by one-to-one consultation.

What is Non-Surgical Nose Remodeling?

Non-surgical nose remodeling is nasal filling. With the nasal filling applied with essences containing hyaluronic acid, the nasal bone and the droopy nose tip are corrected. The collapsed areas in the nose are filled with filler and the nose has a visually pleasing structure.

How Should a Doctor Be Chosen for Nose Remodeling?

The doctor choice is extremely important for the success of nose remodeling. It is necessary to get support from surgeons who provide professional services on this subject. The doctor’s experience and previous operations can ensure the desired result of the operation.

What is Nasal Tip Aesthetics?

Congenital deformities at the tip of the nose are corrected by nasal tip aesthetics. As a result of the applied procedures, the low nose tip, width and some defects are eliminated.

How Long Does the Rhinoplasty Turkey Operation Take? Do I Need to Stay in the Hospital?

The use of developing technology and innovations in surgical operations shortens the duration of operations. At the same time, there is no hospitalization as the patient’s comfort is provided at a high level during the operation. For this reason, after the nose remodeling operation, which takes approximately 2.5 hours, patients are kept under observation for 4-5 hours. The patient is discharged if no complications are observed.

Is There Any Pain After Nose Operation? What Do Patients Experience During the Recovery Process?

Severe pain is not experienced after nose remodeling. The reason for this is that painkillers are given to the patient at periodic intervals. During the recovery period, patients spend more time resting. It is necessary to protect the nose against pressure and avoid harmful sun rays.

Is it Necessary to Use Tampons in Nose Operation?

Silicone supports are used instead of tampons for the patient to breathe comfortably. Therefore, the use of tampons is no longer needed.

How long does it take for patients to return to their normal lives after nose operation?

The first week after the nose remodeling operation is very important. After one week, patients can return to their normal business life.

Why Is Aesthetic Nose Operation Difficult?

Since nose remodeling is a surgical operation, it is perceived as difficult, but the help of experienced surgeons will eliminate the difficulty of the operation.

I See Very Bad Operations, Will I Become one of Them?

The right choice you will make in this regard will increase the success of your operation. In order to achieve the healthy and beautiful nose of your dreams, you should choose sterile clinics where advanced techniques and technologies are used. Moreover, after the operation is completed, the surgeon, who provides professional support in this regard, should follow the patient closely.

How Can I See What Kind of Nose I Will Have After Operation?

During the preliminary interview between the patient and the doctor before the operation, the patients clearly express their expectations about nose remodeling. In order to see the full shape of the nose after operation, the tampons or the silicones used must be removed. In nose remodeling operations, it may take up to 6 months for the nose to take the desired shape.

What are the Complications and Possible Problems?

As with any surgical operation, some complications may occur in nose remodeling operations. The most common complications are infection and bleeding. Additionally, some patients may have a reaction to anesthesia.

What are the Frequently Asked Questions?

Doctor choice is one of the most wondered and asked questions by those who want to undergo the nose remodeling operation. How should I determine the technique to be used during the operation, what should I pay attention to after the operation, when can I return to my normal life… These are the some questions.

What Awaits You Before And After The Operation?

Before the operation, the patient should quit smoking, blood thinners and supplements. All scans should be performed to understand whether the patient is suitable for the operation. After the nose remodeling operation, the patient should rest for at least a week. During this period, the patient should pay attention to nutrition and protect the nose against external impacts.

Should This Operation be Performed by a Plastic Surgeon or an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist?

Nose remodeling operations are always performed by plastic surgeons.

Are You Breaking Bones?

The nose remodeling operation, which is one of the most common operations in our country, is frequently preferred. In this direction, technological developments and innovative devices in plastic surgery make nose remodeling more successful and professional. Special devices are used to correct the prominent arched structure of the nose in nose remodeling. This device used reshapes the nasal bone by cutting it. In addition to this, recently, instead of breaking the nasal bone, the shape of the nose is corrected with the help of a micromotor.

Can This Operation Be Performed With Local Anesthesia?

The nose remodeling operation takes about 2 2,5 hours. Therefore, patients are given general anesthesia.

Is It Necessary to Put a Tampon?

In nose remodeling operations, silicones with breathing feature are preferred instead of tampons now.

Will It Hurt a Lot When the Tampons Come Off?

The tampons used in rhinoplasty Turkey operations are no longer preferred today, because it can be difficult for the patient to place and remove the meter-long tampon from the nose after the operation. Moreover, this procedure remains painful in the minds of patients. For this reason, people who will undergo the operation should get information about the tampon they will use.

Is the Purpose of Rhinoplasty to Make the Nose Smaller and “Bone Removal”?

The main purpose of rhinoplasty Turkey is to reshape the nose in line with the patient’s expectation and needs. It is also to facilitate the patient’s healthier breathing. For this reason, the aim of rhinoplasty Turkey is not to make the nose smaller or to remove bone. The procedure to be performed depends entirely on the shape of the nose. In some nose remodeling operations, the desired shape can be easily given by making small touches to the nose. Therefore, nose remodeling operations are planned completely in a tailor-made manner.

The procedure to be done depends entirely on the shape of the nose. In some nose shaping operations, the desired shape can be easily given by making small touches to the nose. For this reason, rhinoplasty operations are planned completely individually.