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Mustache Transplant

biyik ekimi

Mustache is of great importance for some men in terms of self-confidence and appearance. The mustache has also been a symbol for different societies, beliefs and social status throughout history.

Sometimes, mustache is more of a reflection of identity rather than aesthetic appearance; sometimes to express political views and to use as a distinctive feature. In addition, traditions and morals, religious beliefs in some societies have directed men to grow a mustache or shave them.

The fact that the mustache has such important role in the social world affects men’s preferences of mustache shapes.

In some cases, various traumas and injuries can lead to the absence of mustache and aesthetic disorders. In such cases, mustache transplant is the best option to have natural mustache, covering the scars as well.

As in the FUE method, the mustache transplant is done with the hair follicles harvested from the nape area, which genetically holds strong follicles and the patient will have natural look and permanent beard after the operation.The pricing of mustache transplant varies depending on the operation.

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