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After Breast Lift

Life After Breast Lift

As many other surgical operations, postoperative period is as important as preoperative period and surgery process. Some patients just do not follow the rules that they must follow after the surgery.

Sometimes because of the ill-choice of plastic surgeon and sometimes different reasons, they encounter complications after surgery. That is why you should consult a doctor when/if you see the following symptoms;

Fever (over 38.5 C)

Difficulty in breathing

Severe pain

Too much clear red bleeding

Excessive swelling and redness in the surgical area

Excessive weakness and fatigue

Blur in the state of consciousness and excessive drowsiness .

You should visit the doctor no matter what time it is. If you do not want to encounter these situations, you should follow the recommendations of your surgeon. I’ll also give you a few suggestions;

The first rule you should follow is that you do not miss your controls. Disrupting your controls may cause some undesired consequences. It’s always important to watch the course. After the first two days you can start walking in the house. You should not try to go to work within first 7 days

You can start exercises after 3 weeks. You will also need 3 weeks for sexual intercourse. It is important that you do not smoke for the first 15 days after the operation. You should not do heavy-lifting after the breast lift operation. You should also try not to lift your arms to high, to pick up something for instance.

Your arms will become over-stretched, causing you to feel pain.You can get help from the stools to pick up something from higher places for a few weeks. It’s normal for you to feel tingling on your chest in the early days. You can relieve these pains with painkillers your doctor prescribes. You may also experience loss of sensation in the nipple.

Don’t panic. This loss of feeling is temporary. It will disappear along with the recovery period. The scars will look faded pinkish and stiffness will decrease within about 4 months. You can still breastfeed after breast lift operation. Because the milk channels are not damaged in the operation. But you should keep in mind that breastfeeding can cause sagging. It is possible to say the same about pregnancy.

If you follow the rules after the operation you can have healthy and lifted breasts. Remember that the recovery period requires patience.