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Before and After Abdominoplasty

Before and After Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Abdominoplasty, also referred as tummy tuck, is a very serious surgery. Excessive fat deposits around abdominal and waist area, in abdominoplasty, is cut out of the body. Then the abdominal area is lifted and muscles are strengthened. This is not bariatric surgery nor a weight loss method.

As in any surgical operation, you must perform some health checks before the operation. Before the operation, your doctor will warn you about the points needing to be paid attention. For example; If you are a smoker, you should stop smoking at least 15 days before the scheduled day of surgery. It is recommended that you are not exposed to too much sun ray before the operation

. You should stop taking blood thinning medication such as aspirin and Vitamin E before the operation. In addition, heavy diets are not recommended before the operation. You should be eating healthy during this period. If you have a condition such as a cold on the day of the operation, it may cause the operation to be postponed until your recovery.

Before the operation, the incision lines will be drawn to your body for the planning of the surgery. A few photos are taken so you can see before and after of the surgery. So, what is expecting you after the operation? You will have to lay down in V shape position after the surgery. In this position, you are lying in supine position and legs bent so the tense feeling is decreased.

You should move your legs regularly after the surgery. You should wear a corset that tightens the abdomen after the operation which will also reduce the the excessive edema formation in the abdomen. You should not eat or drink for first few hours after surgery. It is expected to experience some pain after the operation which you can relieve with simple painkillers.

You are expected to avoid smoking for 15 days after the operation, too. The surgery scar will be red and hard for the first four months, it may itch. Don’t panic, it will fade and soften over time.

Life will be much more confident and fit after abdominoplasty. Do not neglect the recommendations of your doctor!