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Breast Augmentation

How Breast Augmentation Is Done?

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure preferred for small breasts due to innate or hormonal causes. In other words, if the size of the breasts does not make the person happy, restricts the choice of clothes or affects their self-confidence, they can resort to this surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery is the operation of enhancing the breasts with prosthesis. There are prostheses in various forms. Which one to use is decided according to the body structure, needs or wishes of the patient. Prostheses should be of high quality to decrease risks.

Here again, the choice is yours; you should choose your plastic surgeon right. In addition, it is very important in terms of appearance that the prosthesis is in harmony with your body. If you do not insist on exaggerated sizes, natural appearance is possible.

Of course there is a size of prosthesis that your body can take. Using the opposite may still cause problems. Therefore, you should consider the recommendations of your plastic surgeon. The recommended control period for breast prostheses is 1 time in 10 years.

Breast augmentation is performed in a hospital environment under general anesthesia. It usually takes 2 or 3 hours, depending on some factors such as the ability of the surgeon and the technique of the operation. There are 3 incision points for operation; under the breast, underarm and nipple.

I prefer to place the prosthesis from an incision under breast. A small incision from this area is sufficient for breast augmentation. The desired prosthesis is placed in the in the breast and stitched. Obviously, the surgery scar is hidden under your breast. There is no such thing as scarless breast augmentation; those are false promises.

However, the scar will turn faded pink over time and does not bother you. After this operation, people not realizing you have undergone a breast augmentation operation means that it is a successful one.

The operation does not increase the risk of cancer and milk canals are not damaged during the operation, so you can breastfeed after having the operation. You are required to spend one night at the hospital. You should rest for at least 3 days. After that, it is safe to return to work unless you have an intense job that requires hard work.