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Chin Fillers


Chin filling is basically reshaping the jaw with hyaluronic acid injections. It is a personalized treatment, the amount of filler, permanence and application areas are determined according to shared opinion of the doctor and the patient.

The chin should never be evaluated alone. Lip fullness, nose shape and projection, forehead area, cheekbones definition, nasolabial and marionettes should all be evaluated as one. If the patient desires permanent results, chin implant operation is recommended.

Before The Application

Application areas and drawings are done. Detailed medical history, patient examination, expectations of the person, information about the procedure, pre-application photographing, post-procedure results are evaluated together. No test required.


Anesthesia is not required for the application. According to the needs of the application areas, microinjection or cannulas methods are used. There are local anesthetic materials in the chin filler which prevent pain during and after application. The application takes approximately 10-20 minutes.

After The Application

You can normally shower, eat of drink in half an hour after the application. Just as in botulinum toxin, there may be redness, bruises or swelling in the treated area. You may experience some pain related to the injection; but it is actually less than expected thanks to the anesthetic material in the fillers, the pain is minimized. You can go back to your daily life and work following hours or the next day.