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Genital Aesthetics


The operations that provide physical and structural reconstruction of deformities or congenital abnormal structure of vagina are collected under the name of genital aesthetics. Although aesthetic operations are usually performed to repair the external appearance, there is a great increase in the interest in genital aesthetics today in order to eliminate functional and psychological victimization rather than image. Especially due to the loss of elasticity of the vagina, inability to enjoy sexual intercourse can be repaired with genital aesthetics.

The fact that women do not find their genital organs as aesthetically pleasing, not enjoying sexual intercourse, dogmatic thoughts about sexuality can psychologically interfere with the sexual life of a person and interpersonal communication. Emotions such as misunderstanding, timidity and shyness can outweigh in women experiencing aesthetic concerns.

These factors also cause a negative impact on sexual life. In addition, deformations, changes in skin color, which cause these emotions, may adversely affect sexual life. These changes that the vagina suffers physically can be resolved by applying to the genital aesthetics.

When to apply to genital aesthetics?

  • Genital aesthetics are applied when he structural loss of elasticity of vagina because of multiple birthing.
  • Congenital physical abnormalities in the vaginal structure are restored with genital aesthetics.
  • Genital aesthetics are applied for the structural deformations in the vulva, especially if the outer lips are large.
  • Genital aesthetics are applied to rejuvenate the vagina to resolve sexual intercourse problems that may happen after the incisions made to the vagina or deformations occurred in difficult birthing.
  • Sagging in the urinary bladder and rectum can lead to problems of sexual dysfunction and incontinence. Uterine sagging may occur as a result of the interaction of the pelvic system. In order to solve such problems, genital aesthetic operations are

What are the genital aesthetic operations?

  • Labioplasty (internal and external lip reduction)
  • Vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening)
  • Cliteroplasty (removal of excess tissue in the clitoris)
  • Vagina enlargement (vaginal tightness removal)
  • G spot enlargement (increase sexual pleasure)
  • Repair of vaginal deformations (correction of structural abnormalities in vagina as a result of birthing or other operations)
  • Operations on hymen