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Ideal Nose


The nose is located right in the middle of our face. So it inevitably affects how we look. Perhaps this is one of the most commonly preferred surgeries in our country and in the world. Some people genetically have deformed nose, misaligned with the rest of the face, while some have a nose bridge. Some patients think that the tip of their nose is low, some argue that their nose is too big. This and many more reasons encourage people to go through rhinoplasty.

Almost everyone who has decided to undergo rhinoplasty has an ideal nose image. Patients mostly do not pay attention to whether the image they have in their mind conforms with their facial features. Ideal nose is a personal organ and each person is very different than one another.

Where is the nose located?

When we go out and take a look, we realize that many people have different facial features. So that nose looking good on someone else may not look the same on you. This is exactly why we think it is wrong for you to come to your plastic surgeon holding a photograph.

Well, how do we decide the ideal nose. Attention should be paid to the harmony of it with your facial lines and other organs such as the lips, eyes and ears on your face. If you have a big face, you certainly do not need a nose that stands on it like a button.

That’s why the nose should be designed special for you. We also advise you to avoid having extreme demands, such as lifting the tip of the nose too. Because one of the criteria for successful operation and ideal nose is naturalness.

When looked from the outside, one should like it but not notice any plastic touches on it. Now you have enough information about the ideal nose, let’s discuss the functioning. Let’s say you have the nose as you want from the outside.

If you experience breathing and smelling problems, can this be an ideal nose? Of course not. A successful plastic surgeon is the one who protects both. If you encounter any trouble with breathing or smelling, you will need revision rhinoplasty.

Revision rhinoplasty is much more difficult than primary rhinoplasty. The patient has negative opinions and the plastic surgeon faces more difficulties performing the operation.