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Informations About Botox


Botox is a medication having been used in various fields of medicine for many years. It is safely benefited from in the treatment of many diseases such as migraine. It is derived from a bacterium called botulinum. It’s main purpose is to relax the muscles.

How does it affect?

There are many muscles controlling mimics on our face. These muscles are attached to the skin over them and they are the first cause of wrinkles in our face.

Botox, however, relaxes the muscles that are attached to the skin, allowing the skin to move more freely which eventually reduces wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones. Botox kind of helps facial muscles learn how to move.

When does the effect start?

48 hours after Botox injection you may notice the change it causes on your face. It takes around 10 days for Botox to show its full effect.

How long does the effect last for?

When you first start having botox done, its effect lasts only for 4 months, and this effect increases up to 6 months in following injections. This period is then extended to one year. Depending on the size of the muscles, this period is shorter for patients with large muscles. For example, male patients should get it applied more frequently.

Is it safe?

Botox had already been used in medicine before it started being used in medical aesthetics 10 years ago. The application has safely been done since then. The application is also FDA approved. It is important to note that the person doing the application is an expert.

Where can Botox be injected?

Injections to the forehead, frown lines and the crow’s feet give the most effective results. But almost any area on the neck, décolleté, around the lips, nose and face can be preferred for Botox injections.

Is there any loss of mimics after Botox injections?

It is important to have it done by an expert. Because what causes the loss of mimics is the dosage, not Botox.

How long does the injection take?

The process can be done in as short as 15 – 30 minutes depending on the practicality of the person injecting.

Is it painful?

Anesthetic cream is applied to the area before the injection. Therefore, you don’t experience any pain during the it. Application is done using fine-tipped needles.