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Keller Funnel

Breast Augmentation with KELLER FUNNEL

There are many breast augmentation techniques. Keller Funnel, however, has many advantages over other techniques. Let’s look at what Keller Funnel is and what it offers!

What is Keller Funnel?

It was invented in the USA, it is a funnel-shaped, soft and hygienic nylon device used for the placement of prosthesis in breast tissue.

How is breast augmentation done with Keller Funnel?

Inner surface of “Keller Funnel” is covered with a material that gets extremely lubricious once becomes wet. The surgeon incises the breasts big enough for Keller Funnel tip. Then Keller Funnel tip is placed on this tiny incision and the surgeon pushes the prosthesis from this point inwards without damaging it. Prosthesis is placed inside in short amount of time with this technique.

Smaller incision

Keller Funnel makes it possible to place a silicone prosthesis from tiny incisions. Therefore, incision scars are smaller than other methods.

Presents Options

The possibility of placing a prosthesis from a small incision offers the doctor various options to hide the incision. Keller Funnel is an advantageous method for those whose skin reveals scars easily.

Minimizes Prosthesis Damage

The Keller Funnel method is much easier than other methods. It requires less contact which minimizes prosthesis damage. So the likelihood of complications from poor use of the prosthesis decreases.

Shorter Operation Duration

With Keller Funnel, the operation duration is shortened as the breast augmentation is much more practical.

Lower Risk of Complications and Infection

In this method, the plastic surgeon does not touch the silicone prosthesis making the application is extremely sterile, reducing the risk of infection and therefore, the risk of complications. Sometimes, there is capsule formation around the silicone prosthesis after breast augmentation operations.

This is related to the body’s defense mechanism; body protects itself by surrounding foreign material. This non-contact technique reduces the risk of developing capsules and painful complications after breast augmentation surgery.