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Rhinoplasty Techniques

Which Rhinoplasty Technique to Go For?

There are two techniques to give the nose the desired shape; open and closed rhinoplasty. So, what are the features that distinguish these two techniques?

In open rhinoplasty, one of the rhinoplasty techniques based on the study of the skeletal and cartilage structure of the nose, a half-centimeter incision is made from the region called columella, located between the nostrils. The skin is lifted from this incision and the bone, cartilage and skeletal system are co

mpletely exposed to the eyes of the doctor. In this technique, the look at the anatomical structure of the nose is excellent and it is very easy to reach every part of the nose. Therefore, it is very simple to fulfill the patient’s wishes and perform any procedure.

In this surgical technique, intranasal deformities which prevent breathing are better detected and it is easier to find a solution. The complete lifting of the nasal skin in the open technique is both advantageous and disadvantageous for these reasons.

When the skin is lifted, more tissue is damaged than the closed technique. Therefore, postoperative edema in the nose area is expected. Some complaints such as bleeding and numbness are also anticipated.

Some pain may be experienced and some simple painkillers will suffice. In the closed technique, however, the incisions are made from the inside of the nostrils. The plastic surgeon has this limited area to perform the operation.

The biggest advantage of this method is that there is no risk of scars However, this technique is a very tricky, it is not also possible to reach every part of the nose. In particular, interventions to the nose tip is not performed with this technique. Therefore, this technique is not preferred by aesthetic surgeons.

Plastic surgeons choose the most comfortable technique for themselves. However, you should know these advantages and disadvantages anyway. Perhaps you choose your surgeon in the light of these informations.