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Say Goodbye To Your Stubborn Fat With Liposuction

Say goodbye to your stubborn fat with LIPOSUCTION

Do you have excessive fat in your body that you no longer want to have? You cannot get rid of it with diet, sports and various exercises? Well, you can get rid of your regional excessive fat with the help of Liposuction.

Fat with liposuction is a procedure performed under general anesthesia, the patient does not feel anything during the operation. Contrary to general belief, this operation is not a weight loss method. It helps you get rid of excessive fat that is not evenly distributed through your body

. After you have lost weight first, you can get rid of remaining excessive fat or you can shape your body with this method. In other words, the operation allows you to repair the deformities and have a beautiful appearance. How is the operation carried out? Holed cannulas are placed on the area where stubborn fat is located through 4 cm incisions.

Then the fat is vacuumed out from the body. The scar is hidden, it usually is under the underwear. Over time, the scar turns to faded pink, and does not disturb the patient anymore.

Where can Liposuction be applied?

  • Butt
  • Abdomen and waist
  •  Inner and outer thighs
  •  Facing part of knees
  •  Neck
  •  Upper arm
  •  Breast area in males and females is recommended and frequently preferred for this application.

Liposuction is safe but of course, the patient should not have any health problems. If the person does not have a chronic condition such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or hypertension, the operation will probably be successful.

However, when patients who have chronic disorders attempt to go through liposuction, it is normal to hear news such as “ unfavorable results of liposuction” . But this does not go for a healthy individual. It is natural encounter some complications and these complications do not pose a risk to the patient:

  • Postoperative pain can be relieved by simple oral painkillers
  •  Bruises and edema for a while,
  •  Feeling tired and fatigue.

You can get rid of all these conditions by simply following your doctor’s recommendations. Because, like every surgical operation, a recovery period is needed after liposuction, too.