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Under Eye Filler


Even at young ages, people have under eye problems which leads to a more mature appearance. With under eye fillers we can successfully treat hollow eyes, tear troughs and eye bags while we can significantly reduce bruises under the eyes. Although there are different treatment alternatives for under eye bruises, we have more satisfying results by combining these treatments with fillers.

We renew the under eye area with a two-step procedure. The filler first camouflages bruises and bags by filling hollows with hyaluronic acid and strengthening the subcutaneous support layer, and then creates long-term renewal in the cells with poly vitamin and amino acid.

How is it done?

Under eye fillers are applied over the bone, not right under the skin like other fillers. The filler should be slowly injected when applying. It does not cause pain after the procedure due to the local anesthetic substances the filler contains. Nevertheless, because the needles cause some swelling and bruising in some people, the filler should be applied with cannula. Because the tip of the cannula we use is blunt, it reduces the risk of bruising or swelling in the applied area. The application takes up to 15-20 minutes. As the application is easy and non-invasive, patients can easily continue their daily life after the application.

Why is it done?

Some people have hollow eyes and under eye darkness because of age or structural factors. This look gives people a tired, sleepless and aged  image. A bright and healthy look is immediately provided when under eye filler is applied to people with such complaints. Under eye filler is highly effective in rejuvenating the eye area and treating bruises, lines and dark circles.

Which substances are used for Under Eye Fillers?

Hyaluronic acid fillers should be preferred for under eye. Hyaluronic acid is a filler material that melts over time and can be intentionally melted with hyaluronidases when/if there is a problem. So it can be used safely.

How long does it last for?

Under Eye Filler applied for rejuvenation around eyes, bruises and hollowness lasts for 15-18 months.