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What To Pay Attention Before And After Rhinoplasty?

What to pay attention before and after rhinoplasty?

Some people resort to rhinoplasty because of breathing problems, some because of nose bridges, some because of the size of their nose, and some because of deviation. But there are some points you should pay attention to before and after the surgery. Understanding these points well means that you have to undergo a successful operation and have a rapid recovery after the surgery. So, what are these points?

First of all, you should be careful choosing your plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty as well as any other operation. You should fully and openly communicate with your surgeon about your expectations about the surgery. So firstly, your plastic surgeon should be someone who listens and understands you well.

Experience and success rate is also important when it comes to rhinoplasty. So you can ask for before and after photos of your surgeon’s work. This will shed light on the success of your plastic surgeon. You should know what you want.

Yet consulting a plastic surgeon with a photograph of a celebrity is not a reasonable approach. Everybody’s special. A nose nose that’s not conforms with the rest of your face will have an unwanted image instead of beautifying you like you wished.

Deciding on your new look using computer aid programs with your photos form different angles is one of the most important steps your surgeon can take to release any question marks in your mind.Once everything is planned, you can decide on the day of the surgery.

You should stop using blood thinner medications such as aspirin a few days before your surgery. If you use alcohol, you should stop the intake at least 3 days prior to surgery. I recommend ceasing herbal substance intake as well.

What happens after you follow all these rules? Your surgery will be successful.There are still some rules to follow after the operation;

–  Liquid consumption only for 6 days ( You can start solid food consumption after 6 days unless you experience nausea or vomiting)

  • No smoking for 15 days
  • Using intranasal solutions regularly
  • Do not keep the head tilted forward
  • Do not neglect your controls

– Do not wear eyeglasses for 6 weeks

– Avoid impacts on face

– Stay away from heavy sports.