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  • keller-funnel

    Breast Augmentation With Keller Funnel

    BREAST AUGMENTATION WITH KELLER FUNNEL   Inner surface of “Keller Funnel” is covered with a material that gets extremely lubricious once becomes wet. The surgeon incises the breasts big enough for Keller Funnel tip. Then Keller Funnel tip is placed on this tiny incision and the surgeon pushes the prosthesis from this point inwards without damaging it. Prosthesis is placed inside in short ..

  • rinoplasti

    Revision Rhinoplasty

    There is a risk of revision in every plastic surgery. The experience of the surgeon, the technique applied, nasal structures, previous surgeries or accidents may result in requiring revision. Surgical intervention depends on the the degree of deformity. In revision rhinoplasty, the condition of the septum (cartilage separating nostrils) is very important. Preoperative physical examination sh..



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